Our Courses


Broad General Education Pupils will undertake an English and Literacy course that focuses on the key components of Talking, Listening, Reading and Writing. Reading and Writing are a particular focus and all pupils will be encouraged to read at home and to record this in their Literacy Learning Log at school. In S1, pupils will be set in Reading Groups, offering them the best opportunity to improve their reading skills with the appropriate challenge. Pupils will also be encouraged to maintain the V.C.O.P. writing skills that they developed at our associated primaries. Between S1-S3, all pupils will access all of the experiences within their Level 3 entitlement to Curriculum for Excellence.


National 3, 4, 5 & Higher

The following courses are offered, based upon pupils’ prior attainment:

Ø National 3

Ø National 4

Ø National 5

Ø Higher

Ø Advanced Higher