School Information

Knoxland Primary School is a large primary school in Dumbarton, West Dunbartonshire. It is situated by Dumbarton Rock next to the River Clyde. The school caters for 352 pupils with two classes at each stage from P1-P7

Knoxland Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Helen Brown - Head Teacher

Mrs Rosemarie Gillespie - Depute Head Teacher

Mrs Gilian Robertson - Depute Head Teacher

Mrs Sinead Donohoe - Principal Teacher

Teaching Teams

Primary 1 Team - Mrs Patricia McFadzean, Miss Victoria Burrows, Mrs Louise Traynor

Primary 2 Team - Mrs Laura Crumlish, Mr Graham Hill, Mr Johnny Dunleavy

Primary 3 Team - Mrs Sinead Donohoe, Mr Graham Hill, Mrs Alison Bellamy

Primary 4 Team - Miss Natalie Johnstone, Miss Caitlin Rodger, Mrs Gilian Robertson

Primary 5 Team - Miss Jill McEleny, Miss Alison West, Mrs Margaret Mortimer

Primary 6 Team - Mrs Sylvia Lindsay, Miss Rachel Gilmour

Primary 7 Team - Miss Lisann Cowin, Miss Sarah Watson

NCT Drama /Dance Teacher - Mrs Laura Campbell

NCT Music Teacher - Mrs Margaret Mortimer

Support Staff

Mrs Mhairanne Auld

Mrs Margaret Carr

Mrs Tracey Young

Mr David Lyden

Mrs Elaine O'Donnell

Mrs Deirdre Price

Mrs Maggie Doherty

Clerical Support Staff

Mrs Susan Young

Mrs Lisa Lee

Mrs Caroline Milson

Mrs Colina MacQueen