Multi Agency Support Hub

Gerry Diamond is a member of the extended Pupil Support Team at Clydebank High School and is involved in the Multi Agency Support Hub and is one of our Teachers of Nurture.

Gerry focuses his group work around what is triggering the young people and giving them knowledge of the various brain and body states that can impact on their behaviour through teaching self-regulation and managing stressed behaviour.

His main focus within his group work is helping pupils to achieve successful and sustainable outcomes to support their well-being which then allows them to access the curriculum and achieve success.

Gerry also facilitates the school’s Resilience Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Program and is a Licensee holder at Children, Youth and Adult levels.

He is also the School Mindfulness lead and Teacher of Mindfulness for children, staff and adults.

Friends Resilience Hub

My Friends Youth is a comprehensive curriculum that empowers our young people with the necessary tools to overcome life challenges in positive ways.

The skills taught allow our young people to deal with stressful situations normalising the state of anxiety and teaches self-regulation.

Mindfulness In Schools Project

Our aim is to improve the lives of a generation of children and young people by making a genuine, positive difference to their mental health and wellbeing.

Our view is that everyone deserves to not ‘just get by’ but to positively flourish. By introducing key skills to help young people, and those who care for them, to work more skillfully with what comes their way, we observe real shifts in how they navigate the difficulties in life, as well as engaging more positively with the opportunities that arise.