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For option choice information please go to the relevant subject and level page.

Please note S1 pupils are allowed to opt into a maximum of two Technical subjects for their S2/S3 coursing. The possible combinations if selecting two Technical subjects are as follows:

• Graphic Communication and Design and Manufacture

• Graphic Communication and Practical Skills

Pupils cannot pick Design and Manufacture and Practical Skills together as there is too much overlap of workshop skills/similarities with the workshop aspect of these courses.

Pupils can of course pick only one subject from the three on offer if they prefer, so this would be one from either Design and Manufacture or Graphic Communication or Practical Skills.

Please ask any member of Design and Technology staff for further information if required.

Department Staff List:

Mrs A Hercus (Curriculum Leader)

Mrs J Logue (Teacher of Technology & PT Pupil Support)

Mr D Paton (Teacher of Technology & PT Pastoral Care)

Miss S Cairns (Teacher of Technology)

Miss J McAlinden (Probationer Teacher of Technology)

Mr K Speirs (Technical Technician)

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CHS Space Hack Project

On 30th April 2018, a group of 24 pupils from the S1 and S2 Technical classes took part in a ‘Space Hack’ working in partnership with architects and designers from Architect Design Scotland. Pupils worked together in groups to design and create innovative learning and social spaces within areas of Clydebank High School. This project is focusing on regenerating the learning and social spaces within Clydebank High School, with pupils driving these developments and leading the way to making Clydebank High School the best it can be! A big well done to all involved! We are extremely proud of your efforts, hard work and commitment. Will we see your designs rolled out in Clydebank High School…watch this space to find out!! For now, here are a few photos from the event!

Supported Study is currently running for all Technical subjects. Pupils should sign-up in advance using the sign-up sheets outside each classroom. All sessions last 1 hour (Mon & Tues 4-5pm, Wed-Fri 3-4pm).

All year groups will be issued with their yearly HEALTH & SAFETY Contracts

Please return these to your teacher as soon as possible.

Any time you see a light bulb on our course notes you will be using your Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS).

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What is Curriculum For Excellence ?


The broad general education begins in early learning and childcare (at age 3) and continues to the end of S3 (the third year of secondary school). Its purpose is to develop the knowledge, skills, attributes and capabilities of the four capacities of Curriculum for Excellence:

Successful learners

Confident individuals

Responsible citizens

Effective contributors

It is designed to provide the breadth and depth of education to develop flexible and adaptable young people with the knowledge and skills they will need to thrive now and in the future. It aims to support young people in achieving and attaining the best they possibly can.

During the broad general education, children and young people should:

  • achieve the highest possible levels of literacy, numeracy and cognitive skills
  • develop skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work
  • develop knowledge and understanding of society, the world and Scotland's place in it
  • experience challenge and success so that they can develop well-informed views and the four capacities.

Senior Phase (Nationals and Highers)

​All learners are entitled to experience a senior phase where they can continue to develop the four capacities and achieve qualifications.

All young people in Scotland have an entitlement to a senior phase of education which:

  • provides specialisation, depth and rigour
  • prepares them well for achieving qualifications to the highest level of which they are capable
  • continues to develop skills for learning, skills for life and skills for work
  • continues to provide a range of activities which develop the four capacities
  • supports them to achieve a positive and sustained destination.

The senior phase, which takes place from S4 to S6 in schools and includes ages 16 to 18 out of school, is the phase when the young person will build up a portfolio of qualifications. It is the stage of education at which the relationship between the curriculum and National Qualifications becomes of key significance.

The curriculum framework and the qualifications system will provide a range of opportunities to meet the needs of all learners, whether aspiring to achievements at SCQF level 1 or at SCQF level 7.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Clydebank High School Telephone Number: 01415333000

More information can be found on the Clydebank High School Website at http://www.clydebankhigh.org.uk/

Other department websites can be accessed using this link https://sites.google.com/ourcloud.buzz/departments