Wired Internet/Ethernet

Why should I use Ethernet?

Connecting via Wi-Fi is harder

Ethernet is better

Compared to Wi-Fi, it is faster

And your connection will be stronger

Do It

How to connect

All you need to do is:

  1. Check your computer has an Ethernet port
  2. Quest down to IT support
  3. Just ask any of the techies down there for an Ethernet cable.

(If you don't know how to get to IT support, follow instructions here)

Once you have the cable and any appropriate adapters (see below):

  1. Either plug the Xirrus Box in your room or the Ethernet port in the wall into your computer. These are displayed to your right
  2. You'll then be asked to log into the system, and you're in.

My computer doesn't have an ethernet port

If your computer does not have an ethernet port, but has a USB port, this is the device to buy.

If you have a new Mac or ChromeBook that only has a USB-C port, this is the device you are looking for.

Important: if you have to use the regular USB adapters, you will have to install some software to make them work called a driver. If you use the amazon basics adapter (shown above), you can download the driver here.