Business today is about knowledge on how to keep changing.

Our expertise focuses on the human side of change . Our made to measure solutions provide insights, understanding and value for each single stakeholder.

Open source approach to change:

a co-created change strategy; employee ownership of change implementation plans; and communications that “ask and talk” instead of “sell and tell”.

Why Open Source :

Increase the probability of success by up to 24 percentage points.

Cut implementation time by up to one-third.

Reduce time spent on change by up to 12 hours per week per employee.

Rethink Your Approach

Over 70% of companies use a top-down change management approach. However, this falters in the flatter organizational structures and complex reporting lines of modern companies. Organizations that use an Open Source approach vastly improve the likelihood of change success. Open Source change means:

  1. Leaders include employees in change strategy decisions,
  2. Employees own implementation planning, and
  3. Communication is focused on talking, not telling.

"The program offered knowledge on how to change in order to lead better. It also offered motivation helping me become "change ready”. It was exactly what I was expecting and I got it."

Please talk to us if you feel that there are changes ahead, and you know that you need to have a grip on the peoples side of your change plans.