Literacy Initiative

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  • The Oswego County Literacy Initiative (OCLI) is a collaboration between all nine Oswego County school districts, the CNYOC Teacher Center, CiTi BOCES and the Reading League. The collaboration is the result of hours of soul-searching discussions between school district superintendents, other district administrators and CiTi BOCES leadership on how to best address the ever-challenging needs of Oswego County students and families.
  • Research indicates that coaching is a key component to successful implementation of any new initiative or learning. As part of the OCLI, regular, job-embedded coaching by Reading League trained coaches will support teachers as they seek to implement reading strategies in their classrooms throughout the school year.
  • Data collection will also be an integral component of the initiative. Tools such as teacher surveys, pre-post questionnaires, administrator and teacher interviews, assessment data, attendance/behavior data will be used to measure changes in teacher practice, attitudes and beliefs about effective reading instruction and the learning outcomes of the students. The results will be used to make informed, data-based decisions on professional development, teacher support and the initiative‚Äôs overall level of impact on reading achievement throughout Oswego County.

The Reading League District Coach

Doreen Mazzye

District PreK-3 Reading Coaches

Chris Castiglia

Gretchen Coakley

LETRS Trained Teachers/Coaches

Kathy Manion

Cheryl Beck

Jennifer Symborski

Tricia Caroccio

Chris Castiglia

Gretchen Coakley

The Reading League Coach Coordinator

Kelli Johnson