Requesting Technology Tutorial

If you've found the library website, you're more than half way there! Check out the quick tutorial below to see how easy it to request technology using the library website...

Step one: Click on the Tech Signups link on the left side menu

Step two: Scroll down until you locate the technology for which you'd like to signup then, click on it to open the signup sheet tab.

Step three: Double check you are on the signup page for the correct technology and double check you are signing up during the correct week. If you need to change the week, click on the tabs at the bottom of the page.

Step four: Read and review the important information in the middle of the signup sheet before signing up.

Step five: If there are already names a slot, they are taken. DO NOT erase other people's names. Find an empty spot to put in your name. Before indicating the number of items needed, make sure you note how many the library owns and add up how many have already been requested by the other people signed up ahead of you. Adjust your requested amount as necessary.

And that's it!

You've signed up for your needed technology and it will be waiting for you in the library at the time requested. If you need to request another type of technology, close the current signup tab, go back to the library technology page and start again!