HES Music Den

Welcome to the HES Music Den. Here you can find important information for your learning at home. Click on the tab for your grade level to find your work each week.

From Mr. Reed

Welcome all Bobcats to the 2020-2021 school year. I am excited to invite you back into the music den for another year of magical learning. As time moves on this site will become filled with all sorts of musical goodies. - Mr. Reed

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Fun things to try at home!

Hand picked music videos by Mr. Reed

Here is the Music Den's music video of the month.

Dynamite - BTS

BTS released this song in August of 2020. The bands intention was to share some excitement as we are living through hard times. Let this song help you find excitement in your life.

This is BTS as they pose for their song Dynamite.

Blob Opera


Line Rider

Here is a link to a playlist of Line Rider videos that Mr. Reed put together. So far I have 5 videos in the list.

Inside the Orchestra

Here are some fun orchestra music games for you to play.

Chrom Music Lab

Chrome Music Lab

Click on me

Here is a fun site to try out called Chrome Music Lab. Click on the Picture and try out some of the activities that they have. If you scroll on the page you will find more options. You can use Screencastify to record your work. Unfortunately there is not way to save your work, but you can copy the link they give you and save it to a google doc so that you can edit it agin in the future. (You will have to do this every time)

Chrome Music Lab - Song Maker.webm