Friday 12/8/17

Here are a few highlights from the past week:

  • In Reading Workshop, all students are enjoying their independent reading books. Students are currently working on a mini book project to practice their summarizing skills.
  • We have finished our read aloud book: Wonder, by RJ Palacio. We are looking forward to when we can rent the movie and watch it! I know some kids are planning to see it in the theater too.
  • In Math, we continued small group rotation work. Right now, we have 3 groups- two 5th grade groups and one 6th grade group. All groups rotate between a small group lesson with me, independent work, and math games or other work with Mr. K (our paraeducator). Our units right now:
        • 5th Grade- Multiplication and Division Strategies (multi digit)
        • 6th Grade- Ratios, Rates, Percents
  • In Science, all students are almost ready to begin their controlled experiments. They have a testable question, a hypothesis, a materials list, and the beginnings of their procedure.
  • This week we continued our personal narrative writing unit. Students are working right now on strategies for generating good stories for these as well as strategies to write stories that make the reader feel like they're experiencing the story. Each day I start with a short read aloud to get us thinking, then do a minilesson to teach a strategy or element of writing, then students have writing time. Each day we also do sharing, sometimes just what we wrote about, sometimes about the writing process, and sometimes reading aloud our writing!
  • We continued Word Study this week. There are two groups, but one of the groups will split into two some weeks. Every 7-9 days (depending on the weeks and the activities they do) students will get a new list of words that focus on a spelling pattern. They have word study time most days which may include: sorting words, word searches, lessons with me, partner word sorting, games on Spelling City, searching for words that follow the current pattern in their own writing and their books, and more. We will be building in vocabulary in the future.
  • All students are continuing their weekly independent typing instruction, using This involves lessons and games to help strengthen typing skills.
  • This week was our last dance session with Joni and the Kids on the Move grant!
  • For Outdoor Learning, we continued direction and compass work. We worked on measuring student's pace to estimate distance. Then we all went out to our adopted trees to do more compass work. We also had discussions about the importance of layering and winter warmth!
  • We spent time reflecting on the trimester and beginning to look at goals to work on for the second trimester.
  • Green Sheets came home this week, there weren't any shared items this week.

Some upcoming dates, important notes, and things to look forward to in the coming weeks:

  • Winter Holiday Break- Last day of school is Friday 12/22/17. We return Tuesday 1/2/18!
  • *** Cold weather has arrived!!! Please be sure to start sending kids with warm gear for recess and other outdoor time! This time of year they should have boots, a coat, a hat, and warm/waterproof gloves or mittens. Snow pants are now necessary on Outdoor Learning days (even without snow- so they can stay warm all afternoon). ***
  • In Reading Workshop, students will continue independent reading. They will also continue to work on their summarizing book project. We will also look at last trimester's reading goals, their progress, and start monitoring their progress for the genre challenge.
  • We will continue with math rotations in small groups.
        • 5th Grade- Decimals and multi digit multiplication and division
        • 6th Grade- Ratios, Rates, and Percents
  • We will spend time planning, researching, and starting controlled experiments!
  • In Outdoor Learning we will continue our work mapping and using compasses. This will connect with some geography and mapping studies we will be doing in class in the coming months.
  • In Writing Workshop we will continue with Personal Narratives. Starting this coming week, everyone will choose one story to bring to final draft form.
  • We will continue Word Study work.
  • We will continue to use the Smarties activity to help us do some goal setting work for the year.