About Ms. Boreanaz

My name is Ms. Boreanaz and I would like to welcome you to our ⅚ class! I hope you are having a fun and relaxing summer. I am enjoying my summer, but excited for the new school year to begin! I can’t wait to share about my summer I spent exploring with my kids, swimming and catching frogs at our pond, gardening (and waiting for our peaches to ripen), reading a LOT, learning new things for the classroom, working on a few house projects, and going on vacation to Maine. I look forward to hearing about your summers too! I am writing this letter to share a little bit about my personal and professional life as well as a few things about how I run my classroom.

I grew up here in Vermont, in Waterbury. After high school, I went to college in Maine to study Environmental Science and Marine Biology, and discovered there that I loved teaching! After college, I went to Montana on an adventure with my dog and some friends and stayed. It was there that I went back to school to become a teacher. A few years later, I returned to Vermont to start my career!

I began teaching in a 5th grade class at Crossett Brook Middle School. I also taught 6th grade at Main Street Middle School before taking several years off to be at home with my sons. During these years, I was a substitute teacher and ran after school programs. When my youngest was two, I began teaching again, this time in 7th and 8th grade, which I did for two years before my first year at Woodbury. I am very excited to be starting my fourth year with the Woodbury Elementary community!

I live in Waterbury with my husband Allan, who is a wildlife biologist and forester. We have two young boys: Acer who is 9 ½ and going into 4th grade and Silvan who is 6 ½ and going into 1st grade. We are a busy and active family and enjoy being outside. We love to bike, swim, and work in the garden in the summer and ski in the winter (downhill and XC). When I’m not outside, I also really love to cook, read, and knit!

I use Responsive Classroom techniques and feel that all students should feel safe and empowered. We will focus a lot in the first few weeks on team building and getting to know one another in order to create a positive classroom community. We will also focus on using a growth mindset and facing challenging tasks, which you will hear more about. I also enjoy collaborative work, integrating technology, and offering opportunities for independent choice learning in all subject areas! We will continue our Outdoor Learning program that I began last year, which means we will go outside all afternoon one day a week! We will also continue using yoga balls for seating, but not until later in the fall. We will read and write daily and I will expect that students are reading at home as well!