Empowering US!

"There is a source of power in each of us that we don't realize until we take responsiblity." -Diane Nash, Civil Rights Activist

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Oftentimes young people feel powerless about many political, social, and economic issues. While they may verbalize their fears, distrust, and opinions, translating these feelings into real activism is challenging, and requires courage and responsibility. Every year, SUNY NOW students, in addition to vehemently practicing civil discourse, also claim their power regarding causes they believe in. The Empowering US activism project ensures that students demonstrate their capacity to contribute to social change; to take skillful possession of their power as citizens. In order to confront the challenges in our country, in our community, SUNY NOW leaders created and executed these unique and empowering projects. They remind us that “not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.” -James Baldwin

Thank you for stopping by to show your support for our students. We hope our projects raise your awareness and inspire you to contribute proactively to the changes that you wish to see in our world.

One Love,

SUNY NOW Students & Mrs. Munzer

A Unified Community is the Best Community

A Unified Community is the Best Community

Resources for our Immigrant Neighbors

Helping our Immigrant Neighbors

Our Immigrant Neighbors English Brochure.pdf

Resources for Immigrants Brochure-English

Spanish brochure .pdf

Resources for Immigrants Brochure-Spanish

How We Influenced the Democratic Debate

Empowering U.S.-How we influenced the Presidential Candidate Race

The Poly Party-Make America Non-Binary

Making America Non-Binary!

The Push To Vote in the United States

The Push to Vote

All Students Count!

All Students Count!

Erase Your Social-A Pen Pal Program

Erase Your Social!-

A Pen Pal Program

penpal 1.pdf

Pen Pal Brochure English

penpal 2.pdf

Pen Pal Brochure Spanish

CONSENT Action Plan


Consent Brochure

Consent Pamphlet

A Green Thumb Starts with Education

A Green Thumb with Education!


Put Waste in the Right Place!

The information in all these presentations is verified, independent and accountable.

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Student Testimonials

I love SUNY NOW! This class allows students to learn about being news literate, which will be help for the rest of their lives. We also learn how to have civil discussions about REAL topics and allows us to communicate our ideas with verified sources. We also have a teacher that will treat her students like adults and we have great mature conversations about the news. Ms. Munzer is the best too! It is a great class and I would 100% recommend to future students. -Abigail Mestrich 2020

Most people walk in life with a lot of misinformation. SUNY NOW forces students to pause and truly analyze the information that is presented. The underlying purpose of this amazing class to limit ignorance through news literacy and knowledge. -Federico Grullon 2020

Ms. Munzer's room and the class in general is a very calming yet fun and educational environment. Everyone learns a lot about civil discourse and how to create a constructive dialogue with someone who opposes you in addition to gaining critical skills in how to be a good citizen/information consumer. This class is a must take! -Alexandra Hoffman 2020

This class makes us better news consumers as we are taught to not believe everything we see on the news or in our day to day lives. We are taught how to analyze information and differentiate between real and fake news. SUNY NOW is a class where we can all express ourselves and voice our concerns. It is a safe environment where we can have discussions and talk about personal matters without judgement, ONLY positive feedback. Although it may not seem like it at times, I am so glad I've taken this class because it has opened my eyes about many different things. This class is run by a teacher that is very understanding, trustworthy and is always there for her students. I 100% recommend it!! -Malvina Desimone class of 2021

SUNY NOW is a wonderful and exciting course to learn about current events. But, also to become comfortable with discovering what you find interesting about the news and events going on. This class is a good way to stay informed and practice good citizenship! -Denisa Docabeco 2020

SUNY NOW is a class where we can really just be ourselves ad talk as a whole class to one another about current news. We really can express ourselves by telling others about whats bothering us about anything.This class really is helpful in many ways, it really just clams me down because I know I can talk about what is bothering me in today's society and no one will tell others about what I said, it is very confidential. I really am appreciative that I have this class, and such an amazing teacher as well that will listen to all of us. Jonathan Morocho Class of 2021