Ossining Elementary

Summer Read


Katherine Applegate

You are invited to participate in the Ossining Elementary Summer Read!

The Ossining Elementary Schools are excited to launch an author study of Katherine Applegate. Applegate's works are age appropriate for elementary students and centered on empathy. The goal of this elementary author study is for students to increase their capacity to understand, experience, and care about the emotions of others. Students will experience empathy for the characters in the stories and apply this to people and animals that they encounter in other situations, both fictional and in real-life.

Applegate's books are published in picture book, easy reader/early chapter book, and chapter book formats. In addition, many of her books are available in Spanish! The book options include a variety of formats and titles in order to encourage choice that will be appropriate to children's interests and ability levels.

All students will participate in library activities in the fall that will allow students to deepen their understanding of the stories that Applegate tells. Students will learn many things such as noticing an author’s writing style, developing an awareness of others' feelings, and learning to make connections between books and their own lives.

Thank you for your support of our author study!