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World of Teaching

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About me: Hello, my name is Ms. Camacho. I teach 5th grade at Mission Elementary.

Philosophy: Education is the great equalizer. Be nice and work hard. I was the kid that had everything against her, everywhere I looked there was poverty, inequality and various obstacles meant to make one just another statistic. With hard work, dedication and my mother, I was able to earn my degrees and become a teacher. I absolutely love my career! I cannot see myself doing anything else in the world. I became a teacher so all my students know that it is possible to achieve their dreams, to create a better life for themselves and their family. I believe every child is entitled to be in a safe learning environment, where they are academically challenged and feel empowered to be the best they can be!

Academic History:

      • Fallbrook High School Alumni
      • UC San Diego Alumni, B.A. in political science with an emphasis in American Politics
      • CSU San Marcos Alumni, Multiple Subject Credential, BCLAD (authorized to teach in Spanish), and a single subject credential in Social Science

YES! Teachers manage to have personal lives even though it seems like we live in school (As a kid, I thought all teachers lived in school and didn't even go to the grocery store since there was food at the cafeteria.)

*****Read below to see if we have any things in common*****

Personal hobbies/family/interesting facts:

      • I love my mommy, sisters, brother, niece and nephew.
      • I love comedy because I love to laugh.
      • I like to work out at the gym.
      • I love food and cars.
      • I can cook enchiladas, but not tamales.
      • While I attended UCSD, I went to Washington, DC to work with the President of the University of California and attended several congressional hearings in the Capitol.
      • When I came back to California, I was accepted into the UC Scholars program where I assisted a professor with countless hours of research.
      • I've been to Washington state and had dinner on the Space Needle.
      • I love theme parks such as Knott's Berry Farm and my absolute favorite, Six Flags.
      • I don't drink coffee!
      • I love to draw, paint and sketch

*****check out my water color painting below*****

Contact Information:

Phone: (760) 966-8745

Email: yesenia.camacho@oside.us