Welcome to the speech & language resources site developed to provide families in OUSD support during Distance Learning. Navigate this site by clicking the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner or click on the links. For each category, you will find optional activities, suggestions, and digital resources to engage your child during this time.

We have added a variety of resources here. You will find fun-filled materials, ideas, and strategies to support communication development during this time. Please know that these are general resources and absolutely do not replace speech & language therapy. OUSD does not endorse or favor any of the resources or information shared here.

OUSD speech-language pathology department misses you and we look forward to seeing you when school resumes. You have worked incredibly hard this school year in speech & language therapy. We know that you are learning so many new things right now and finding different and exciting ways to challenge yourself. Working with you is a highlight of our day, so the speech-language pathologist (SLPs) worked together to gather some fun, optional resources, and tools to help you practice good speech and language skills while our schools are closed. We look forward to seeing you when school reopens, so until then, please stay safe and healthy.

Thank you for visiting the OUSD optional speech & language resources site, and for all that you do to advocate for your child!

This site is updated regularly.