Welcome! I am one of the 11th-12th grade English teachers here at OHS. I am excited for a year filled with great learning and new opportunities for growth. Please contact me at wicklunda@osceolak12.org with any questions or concerns. I look forward to working with you!

Grading Policy:

Grading Scale:

93-100 A

90-92 A-

87-89 B+

83-86 B

80-82 B-

77-79 C+

73-76 C

70-72 C-

67-69 D+

63-66 D

60-62 D-

59 or lower F

Grade Breakdowns

~100% Summative

~Formative (practice) scores will be recorded as “no count”

Late Work Policy

~Summative assessments are mandatory for completion of the course.

~Late summative assessments will be graded at 90%.

~Late or missing assignments must be turned in within one week of the original due date.

Retake Policy

~You may redo summative assignments (tests, papers, projects) upon filling out the request form and meeting with the instructor.