Parent Education Information

Each Pre-K family is required to complete three parent education credits as well as volunteer in the classroom six times. Throughout the year there are many different opportunities to attend parent education classes, seminars, or family activities which fulfill the credit requirements. Take a look at the Opportunities Calendar to see a list with dates and times of just some of the opportunities available. This calendar is always evolving and changing throughout the year as we plan, and learn about, new events so be sure to check back occasionally for the most up to date information. If you attend an event elsewhere that you would like to receive credit for you can fill out our OES Parent Education Credit Report and submit it for approval. If you can't attend an event you can check out a resource from our Family Resource Center here at the elementary school or watch an online webinar then fill out the OES Family Resource Center Resource Report to receive a parent education credit.

Volunteers who come into our classroom can be a parent, grandparent, aunt/uncle, cousin, family friend etc. When you come to our classroom you will be the star. Everyone is going to be so excited to meet you and play with you. It is very easy to be a volunteer just sign up for a day on our volunteer calendar (either online or at our classroom door) and join us during our regular class time. You will get to play with all the students and experience our daily routines.