Unit 7 Ecology

Helpful Animations and Labs

Gorgongosa Video

Virtual Carbon Transfer Lab

Virtual Population Lab

How Wolves Changed and Entire Ecosystem

Plowing Away the Praire

Graphic Underground Ecosystem (plowing praire)

Nova Lethal Seas

Pesticides - DDT- Rachel Carson - Silent Spring (biomagnification)

Heifers...please watch: How Wolves Changed the Ecosystem, Lethal Seas, and Silent Spring.

Also read "Plowing Away the Praire". The link to the article is attached to the worksheet above. Can hand in one copy per group. The graphic is also attached above to help you answer a few questions on wksht.

Have fun :)

Transpiration Data Excel

Transpiration Data Word

Bozeman Podcasts




Exponential Growth

Logistic Growth

Animal Behavior

Information Exchange

Ecological Succession