Unit 6 Mechanisms of Evolution

Helpful Animations and Labs

Hardy Weinberg Bozeman 1

Hardy Weinberg Bozeman 2

Genetic Drift Bozeman

Pearson Cladogram ... on the side is a visual comparison of the foramen magnum in monkeys and humans


Bozeman Cladograms

Understanding Phylogenies and Cladograms

Understanding Evolution macro vs micro

HHMI The Making of the Fittest: Natural Selection in Humans


BLAST Homepage


Natural Selection Activity Ch 22

*Read the "Survival of the Sneakiest", answer questions on the wksht. The Natural Selection in Class Activity below contains the PPT to help you answer #3 and finish the back side of your worksheet.

Survival of the Sneakiest

Natural Selection Activity Sheet

Natural Selection In Class Activity

Answers to Activity

Rock Pocket Mice

Making of the Fittest


Some of the Things that Molecules Do


Speciation - Bozeman Biology (~11 min)

Cornell Lab of Ornithology - Speciation (~8 min)

Say if you want to watch this one too...have at it! I just found it by accident yesterday and it is about the selection of the Ebola Virus. I figured this is well suited as Brazil is now potentially facing a yellow fever epidemic. Article next to the DNA poster.

Natural Selection in an Outbreak (~7 min)