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AP Bio Review 1 (Bozeman)

AP Bio Review 2 (Bozeman)

AP Biology Test

Part 1: 90 minute test *must use pencil

  • 63 Multiple choice questions
  • 6 Grid Ins

Part 2: 80 minute test with 10 minute to read *must use black/blue pen

  • 2 Long FRQ's (20 minutes each)
  • 6 Short FRQ's (6 minutes each)

*One bit of advice is to never leave a section blank. Write about what you know and be very thorough. Make sure that you always support your claims with evidence. The evidence can be pulled from the data, graph or background information.

Below are several links you can use to help review/prepare for the exam. Bozeman Test Reviews are above!

FRQ Advice on how to answer FRQ's

Bozeman Test Tips

McGraw Hill Virtual Labs

Virtual Labs

MIT Test Resource

Virtual Labs