Life Science

Class Schedule

Homeroom 8:07-8:30

1st hour Biology 8:33-9:34

2nd hour AP Bio 9:39-10:42

A Lunch 10:42-11:12

3rd hour Prep 11:17-12:18

4th hour Ana/Phys 12:23-1:24

5th hour Ana/Phys 1:29-2:30

WYN/Music 2:35-3:21

Contact Info:


phone: 715-294-2127 ext 4112

Three ways to access Google Classroom outside of school

  1. Google Chrome Sign In
    1. Use the Chrome browser on your device. Sign into Google Chrome using school email and password.
    2. Once signed in, click on the app launcher (9 squares) and select Drive.
    3. Click app launcher again. Click More. Finally scroll down to Classroom, click on it to open.

2. Google Classroom Website Sign In

    1. Using any browser, click on the following URL to access the Google Classroom home page.
    2. Click sign in. Enter your school email address and password to sign in.

3. Mobile Devices

    1. Go to app store.
    2. Search for Google Classroom.
    3. Download free app.
    4. Sign into Google Classroom with school email and password.