Mr. Demulling's Social Studies Page


Hi! My name is Nate Demulling and I'll be entering my 15th year of teaching at the high school in Osceola. During the course of that time I have taught a variety of social studies classes, including AP US History, AP Comparative Politics, Global Issues, US History, American Government, 20th Century History, and World Civilizations. Please see the links on the page's banner for the current year's classes along with other relative information. The majority of coursework will be run through Google Classroom, including assignments, notes, and the class syllabus. I'm looking forward to the upcoming school year!


8:10 - 8:30 Homeroom

8:33 - 9:34 1st Period US History

9:39 - 10:42 2nd Period Prep

10:47 - 11:48 3rd Period AP Comparative Politics

11:48 - 12:18 Lunch

12:23 - 1:24 4th Period APUSH

1:29 - 2:30 5th Period US History

2:35 - 3:21 WYN/Resource

Contact Information: Phone - (715) 294-2127 ext. 4110 Email -