Special Education

Welcome! This is my seventh year teaching Special Education Language Arts and Social Development classes at OHS. I love to help students improve their reading skills, and I am passionate about working with students (and their families) who live on the Autism Spectrum.

I grew up in Luck, WI, and spent time as a photojournalist with the U.S. Navy following graduation. I have four adult children and nine grandchildren. When I visit them on the East Coast each summer, we enjoy spending time together at "Grammy Camp" where we sleep in tents, cook outdoors, make crafts, and play games. This summer we all stayed in the Fossitt Mansion in Gap, PA, which had been a Safe House for the Underground Railroad. It was exciting and sobering to discover the hidden room between floors that had saved 32 souls!

My hobbies include knitting, reading, traveling, sewing, nurturing the classroom pet (Lily the hedgehog) and exploring with my faithful dachshunds Moose and Cooper. My doxies tolerate wearing costumes that I create for them; they have won many costume contests masquerading as various animals (crocodile, peacock, caterpillar, and porcupine). In fact, Moose and Cooper have more than 11K followers on Instagram (@moosencoop) due in part to their willingness to dress up!

CONTACT ME at creuzerl@osceolak12.org or call me at 715-294-2127 x4109

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FALL Trimester 2018 Schedule

Period 1 Language Arts Laboratory

Period 2 Functional English

Period 3A Lunch

Social Development

Period 4 Corrective Reading

Period 5 Prep

Late work policy: All work is accepted late at full credit. All work must be submitted.