English Language Arts

Mrs. Stephanie Collins Mr. Joe Rysdam

collinss@osceolak12.org rysdamj@osceolak12.org

294-4180 (ext. 3107) 294-4180 (ext. 3128)

Expert 21 Resources

* Expert Space

* Reading Counts

* Reading Inventory (SRI)

Username: Normal District username

Password: Initials (capitalized), followed by lunch code

Google Classroom -- Three Ways to Access

1) Sign in to Google Chrome

Use the Chrome browser on your device. Sign into Google Chrome using school email and password.

Once signed in, click on the app launcher (9 squares) and select Drive.

Click app launcher again. Click More. Finally scroll down to Classroom, click on it to open.

2) Google Classroom -- Website Sign in

3) iPad/Device

Go to app store.

Search for Google Classroom.

Download free app.

Sign into Google Classroom with school email and password.

Class Syllabus

2016-2017 Class Syllabus

Independent Reading

Ind Rdg Contract 2016-2017