Grade 5

Tharushi Nanayakkara, Danielle Van Zijl and Nushy Cader, the Grade 5 teaching team.

Profile of Danielle Van Zijl

Hi, my name is Danielle van Zijl and I am very excited to be joining you in Grade 5! I am a new teacher to OSC this year but I have been living in Sri Lanka for a year already. I am looking forward to finding out all about you and building new relationships together. I am also excited about all the inquiry and new learning ahead of us and I hope we can inspire each other to be our best selves. I look forward to watching you progress throughout the year and hope that it will be an enjoyable, fun and memorable one for us all.

Profile of Tharushi Nanayakkara

Hi, I am Tharushi, Welcome to fifth grade! I am looking forward to an exciting year of inquiring into new ideas, and building on our literacy and mathematics skills. I am also looking forward to forging new friendships with our new students and families. I hope this year turns out to be a happy and memorable one for us all.

Profile of Nushkiya Cader

Hello, My name is Nushkiya Cader, Nushy for short. This is my fourth year at OSC. I am thrilled and looking forward to new learning experiences and a whole lot of fun. I have studied in Sri Lanka during my elementary school years. I completed my high school education living in Toronto, Canada for four years. I pursued higher education options majoring in education and psychology at the Gateway Graduate school and the Colombo Institute of Research and Psychology.

I enjoy dancing, reading magazines, and cooking.

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