Technology in the Classroom

Osage Public School is proud to have a student 1-to-1 technology program. Each student in Pre-K through third grade, has a Samsung Tablet assigned to them. For early elementary students, a tablet lets non readers listen, watch, draw, and learn all without needing to read. Because of the bright colors, fun images, and interactive nature of the Tablet apps, students can learn in a more hands-on manner.

Every fourth through eighth grade student has a Chromebook assigned to them. Chromebooks incorporate the best of the web and integrate seamlessly with Google Apps. Students have complete access to their Google Drive account, a full browser, and a standard keyboard. These Chromebooks are used as research tools, for reading books, writing papers, practicing facts, and much more!

Tablets and Chromebooks are a supplementary educational resource; they do not replace our teachers. They provide alternative forms of learning through educational apps that can reinforce traditional learning, but in an nontraditional way that the students find more "fun". When combined with a traditional education platform, this reduces the likelihood that a student will progress in school without really mastering necessary skills.

The school also has a Computer Lab with 30 desktop computers for use by all students. Pre-K through fourth grade students spend a few hours a week in the lab where they are exposed to keyboards and learn mouse skills as well as accessing online learning sites that reinforce classroom instruction.

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