Digital Gait System for capturing, analyzing and data source

for production lab Orthotic fabrication.

Business Opportunity

Gait Analysis Center

Patient Gait Data Capture

Custom Foot Orthotics

Digital Gait System Functions

  • Identify asymmetries or gait dysfunctions

  • Quantify foot function and gait patterns over several strides

  • Evaluate plantar pressure distribution for asymmetries and areas of high pressure

  • Monitor improvements post surgery or rehabilitation

  • Track patient progress with database and comparison reports

  • Determine the effectiveness of a proposed treatment

  • Assess high pressures and deviated Center of Force trajectories resulting from foot dysfunction and/or gait related disorders

  • Evaluate and determine treatments for pathomechanical and neuromuscular foot and gait affecting disorders

  • Investigate a treatment hypothesis for pathomechanical and neuromuscular foot and gait disorders

  • Screen for areas of potential ulcerations. Ulcer prevention is critical in diabetes.


Regular Orthotics are made through the use of error prone foam box or plaster casting. The problem is that the physician has no idea how the foot & limb works. Bioengineered Orthotics uses 3D computer imaging (3DO) static (non movement) and dynamic (movement) studies to evaluate complex cyclic load conditions and is therefore much more accurate in controlling neutral joint positioning, pressure load, balance, gait, symmetry. Standard orthotics has associated with it 27 potential error points which can affect the desired results.