Spanish Amity Maria Jaurena

I’m Maria Jaurena, I turned 23 this summer. I'm from Barcelona (Spain), I have lived there since I was born, but I spent 4 months in Lausanne (Switzerland) doing a university semester. My mother tongue is Catalan but, with Spanish, could both be considered my two first languages; I also speak English and some French. I’m the middle child of three children.

Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies. I love to bake but I also like to cook lunch and dinner, like roasted vegetables, risotto, soups, meat, etc. I also love to travel and visit different countries and landscapes, go hiking and exploring. I'm not a big sports person but I would love to see some typical games from the United States, like football or baseball.

I do castells (human towers), a Catalan tradition where children climb on top of each other building human towers. I would love to present our culture, especially the cuisine, being one of my passions and one of the reasons why Spain is famous for and get to know the american culture.

Contact information:

Mobile phone: (+34) 636337069 (whatsapp or iMessage)