Learning Habitat 2

Welcome to the Learning Habitat Two website.

The #oresome educators in LH2 are super fun and focused on learning through a balance of play and deliberate acts of teaching.

Learn more about these fabulous Learning Coaches who make the magic happen through provocations, discovery, literacy, maths and heaps of hands on fun.

Sudha Jacob

Email: sjacob@ormistonprimary.school.nz

I am Sudha Jacob. I work in LH2. As a learning coach, I aim to create an environment that encourages curiosity, collaboration and capability of acquiring new interests and determination. I enjoy working alongside the learners as they investigate and modify their theories.

I'm part of the Connected whānau.

Hi I’m Suse Ashford (Miss Ashford).

I work in LH2 with Mrs Jacob, Miss Ball and Miss Marks.

I’ve been teaching both children and adults for the past 6 years and have also been doing extra university study in Psychotherapy with an aim of fostering resilience and self-love and appreciation in our young people. I hope to give them the strategies to cope with the world they inhabit.

Alice Ball

Email: aball@ormistonprimary.school.nz

Hello I am Alice Ball and I am from England. I have been teaching for 5 years both in England and Germany. I love teaching within the Early Years and Juniors years. I am very passionate about creativity and music.

Hi I am Noeline Marks. I have experience in Primary school in SA as a computer teacher. I have been in NZ for 17 years and during that time I have mostly worked in Early childhood. Moving over to Primary school in New Zealand is a great new challenge for me. I am passionate about teaching and to ensure that all children achieve to their potential. I firmly believe that instilling a love for reading and stories in children will set them up for academic success in later life.

I have two children. My daughter, Melissa (20) is studying Maths at Auckland university. My son, Oliver (14) is at school at Macleans college. He loves reading. During the weekends I do wedding photography.