Learning Habitat 3

'Guarantee every learner engages in innovative, personalised world class learning.'

Welcome to Learning Habitat 3 at Ormiston Primary School. Our team of experienced and enthusiastic educators are excited about supporting 85+ wonderful Year Two and Three learners on their learning journey. We look forward to an exciting year ahead, so be sure to check in here to find out about the life and times of LH3 throughout 2018.

Mr John Dyer

Mr Dyer is a foundation member of Ormiston Primary School and begins his fourth year with us. He lives in the Ormiston community with his wife and four children. He enjoys running and sometimes enjoys martial arts! Mr Dyer loves working alongside our rich and diverse range of learners at OPS and is always available to help whanau and the community who are interested in knowing more about our wonderful school. Kia Ora!


Ms Sheree Blake

Ms Blake is in her second year of teaching at Ormiston Primary School. She is from Wellington and a large family. Ms Blake loves sewing, crafting, reading and singing and is looking forward to making a lot of things with the crafting club and LH3 learners.


Miss Lynda Sammon

Miss Sammon is a new addition to our Ormiston Community. She is from Galway, Ireland. Miss Sammon loves swimming, arts and crafts, travelling and exploring new cultures. She is very excited about her first school year here at Ormiston Primary School.


Mrs Chiquita Swires