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Fun Family Learning At Home / Aprendizaje familiar divertido en casa

Fun Things To Do At Home

As A Family

Sometimes it's hard to think up fun things to do at home as a family. Today, Britney has some fun family activities that are sure to make your night in extra special!

50 Fine Motor Skills

These are the type of activities that hone your child’s pincer gripe so that they can hold a pencil properly and also help with hand and eye co-ordination.

Recent research on kindergarten fine motors kills and executive function had findings indicating that both fine motor skills and executive function measured at kindergarten entry predicted growth in math and reading achievement through middle school after controlling for gender, socioeconomic status, and early math and reading skills.

Keep your kids’ math skills sharp – without screen time!

Hey parents! We’re all in this together. In response to sudden demand for non-screen learning, we’ve adapted our engaging after-school math activities for your kids to enjoy at home. Below the activities you’ll also find links to our research-proven app and fun videos. Please share these resources far and wide with homebound friends!

These 50 Fun Activities for Kids Will Keep Them Entertained for Hours

When you’re stuck at home with the kids and have nothing to do, don’t despair! It’s easier than you think to grab the crayons, glue, glitter, and paint and let their creativity shine. These fun activities for kids are easy, DIY, and can mostly be done with everyday items that you have around the house. (Your kids can do their part for the environment and keep themselves occupied at the same time.) You just need these sparks of inspiration to get the ideas flowing. What’s that you hear? It’s probably the sound of laughter and concentration, and certainly not a kid yelling, “I’m bored!” from the other side of the house.

If it’s rainy and you’re stuck indoors, there are tons of painting projects, inside crafts, and small-scale obstacle courses and activities that’ll hold their attention for long stretches of time. Or, if you’re able to head to the backyard, there are fun ideas for bubbles, water-based activities, and activities that get their little bodies moving. Either way, we’ve got your recipe for happy kids. Best of all, none of these require an electronic device or an app, so you don’t have to worry about too much screen time.

Educational Activities for Kids

Whether you want your kids to learn about physical science or engineering, you’ll find plenty of educational activities for kids in the list below to stimulate their minds.


Or, if you prefer to print the list out at home, click here to download a 4 page .pdf. Print the pages at 100%, then trim white border off the top of pages 2, 3, and 4, and tape or glue the pages together.

Age Appropriate Chores for Young Children through Teenagers

Age-appropriate chores for young children (and older children) are so important – with or without a chore chart! They help raise children that work hard.