CannabisCultivators Unite! Was created from the sheer determination to break down the walls within the industry and it is our mission to make sure everyone has the opportunity to grow the best damn weed they've ever imagined. Whether that be for medicinal purposes, abiding by strict regulations, or for craft, small batch, adult use purposes - EVERYONE in the CannabisCultivators Unite! community is welcome :)

We encourage those with limited to extreme experience in the cannabis cultivation and industry in general to connect - learn - and have fun! Life can be challenging and doing things together makes it that much more rich.

We thank you for your dedication to the cannabis industry and hope you take advantage of our amazing eco-system we are building. It is starting off slow, and we are doing our best to curate the most professional and well balanced place on the internet for cannabis cultivators to turn to when in need of support or want to share.


Russell Cole /CCU - Community Manager