What is CannabisCultivators Unite! ?

CannabisCultivators Unite! is a community of like minded, passionate cannabis cultivation professionals who want to better themselves, the industry and the end user. At CannabisCultivators Unite! we believe that everyone should have equal access to information and the opportunity to reach their dreams and execute their mission as effectively as possible. It doesn't matter if you're the most funded or least funded operation - Everyone at CannabisCultivators Unite! is an equal.

How do I sign up for the slack channel?

Submit your application and your file will be reviewed by your community manager. Upon successful acceptance, a link to log into the slack channel will be emailed to you. And from there, it's off to the races! :)

Is it anonymous?

Absolutely - When signing up for the slack channel, you can choose any user name to display as you wish. No one will ever know who posted what or who is actually a member, unless you wish to share this information.

Where is the application to submit to gain access to the slack channel?

What type of people belong to the CCU community?

Highly curated - professional producers of cannabis and hemp based products and medicines. People who genuinely care about the end user and the process and work that goes into getting there.

It's really free? What's the catch?

Yes! It's totally free - We don't tell you to join for free, chat for free and then try to charge you for the platform - Not cool. No Catches - Just be good to your fellow united cannabis cultivators and help however possible.

How do I become a community leader?

Send a message to your community manager, Russell Cole, HERE and he will chat with you about your interests and potential fit to being a community leader.


Language and Monitoring

Keep it clean - If you want to use a curse word, make sure it's not directed at anything living :) CCU is being monitored and your account will be suspended if any foul language or lack of tact is used when posting within the community. We appreciate that people have differing views and arguments can erupt - But remember, we are people who have the best of intentions in mind. Be good to your neighbor.