Community Day Updates

REMINDER! Please label all of our student's items (backpacks, water bottles, lunch boxes, jackets) so they can be easily returned if lost!

Teacher's pay Teacher's is a wonderful site full of units created by educators. Many of the units I teach use resources from this site. I have created a class fund page, if you would like to make a donation click on the link below.

November 19, 2019

I emailed this letter today, but wanted to post it on here as well..

Dear Wonderful Families,

We are excited to announce that the Kindergarten and K/1 classes will be moving into the blue house on campus property after the Thanksgiving break. We will be sharing a space which will allow us the opportunity to team-teach and level instruction more effectively. There may be some minor changes to the daily schedule but for the most part it will remain the same. Moving to the house allows us to have a classroom that can and will celebrate our students and their achievements. We will not have to put up and take down each week. We will be able to hang student work up on the walls, giving the kids more ownership over their learning environment. We are committed to making this transition as seamless as possible. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions or voice any concerns.


Ms. Chris

November 15, 2019

Hello wonderful families! This week we continued to talk about Veteran's day and the different branches of the military. We will move into more Thanksgiving things next week. Next week is the last week of school before our break, so we will be having Big Buddies. I know the kids will be so excited!

In a couple of weeks the kindergarten classroom will be moving into the blue house that is located on the campus property. The K/1 class will also be moving. We anticipate doing more team teaching once we are situated, and are very excited to have a classroom that will reflect our students and their learning (meaning we can hang things on the wall!)

If you have not yet had a chance to check out Lexia, I encourage you to do so. It is a fun and engaging program for the kids that will help support your child's learning and growth as a reader. Let me know if you need any help.

Finally a huge congratulations to Sophia, Truett, Abigail, Callahan, Elijah, Marcus, Peter, Gabriel, Liam, and Nico for knowing all of their letter names and sounds!

November 5. 2019

My apologies for not updating the website last week. It was a busy week of conferencing. It was a pleasure to meet with each and every one of you and touch base on your child's growth and learning.

This week we began discussing Veteran's Day. We are discussing what a Veteran is, why they are so important, and briefly touching on the 5 branches of the armed services. The kids are creating a flag to hang in your window at home to show support for our Veteran's. Next week we will continue to talk about Veteran's Day, and begin to discuss the Thanksgiving holiday too.

We are focusing on 2D and 3D shapes this month. If you have the opportunity try and reinforce this by using terminology such as sphere when talking about a ball, cyclinder when having a can of sparkling water, cone- what better way than with icecream, and cube when discussing anything box shaped.

So many kids know or almost know all their letter names and sounds. To celebrate this I will be giving the kids trophies when they mastered these skills. It is a fun way to celebrate learning and earn a trophy!

If you are using Lexia (which I hope you are-because it's a great program) please let me know how you and your child are liking it (or disliking). If you want a parent account and I haven't set one up for you, please contact me and I will.

Hope you all have a wonderful week!

October 25, 2019

We wrapped up our unit on apples and pumpkins this week. Unfortunately I forgot to bring in the apple sauce I made, so we did not get to taste test the sauce...oh-well!

The kids had a great time with their big buddies this week. They got to know each other a bit more by completing a buddy book. Hopefully your found this in your child's backpack.

Next week there is no community day. Thank you everyone for signing up for a conference time. I have 100% of my families signed up, which is very very nice. I look forward to speaking with you all soon. When we resume community days in November we will be switching over to focus more on social studies and will specifically be covering Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

October 18, 2019

We had a wonderful time this week tasting apples and carving our class pumpkins. It was so fun to see what apple the kids preferred. It turns out that the majority of the kids preferred the golden delicious apples to any other! Next week we will be taste testing apple sauce. I will be making homemade applesause this weekend for the kids. If you do not want your child to participate in this taste testing please let me know.

Next week we we will be meeting with our big buddies from Ms. Zoe's class again in the afternoon. The kids will be completing a book together to learn about each other.

Thank you to everyone who signed up for conferences! Just a reminder there is no community day during conference week.

The weather is turning cold. Please make sure you send your child to school with a jacket as we do go outside every day. Please write your child's name inside the jacket as our lost and found is already huge!

Have a wonderful weekend!

October 11, 2019

Boy was I spoiled this week! Our class got a ton of apples donated from many of you, a pumpkin for each community day, and CHOCOLATE for me! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Next week we will be taste testing apples, doing sink/ float experiments, and carving pumpkins.

Parent/Teacher Conferences are the last week of this month. Here is the link to sign up:

There will be no community day's during conference week. If you would like an activity packet to work on that week please let me know.

Have a safe, happy, and warm weekend!

October 4, 2019

In community day this week we had a wonderful time learning about the life cycle of a pumpkin in preparation for today's field trip to the pumpkin patch. The kids did a wonderful job with the crafts, and had a blast making their silly pumpkins for art! Next week will will transition into apples and will focus on them for the next couple of weeks. We will be doing a TON of apple activities including, taste testing, making apple sauce, measuring ourselves with apples, seeing if apples sink or float, patterning, and even making an apple volcano. I am in need of apple donations so if you can send in some red, green, and yellow apples please let me know, I would greatly appreciate it! Also if you are against having your child taste test the apples and apple sauce please message me so that I can comply with your wishes.

I am sad that I will not be at the pumpkin patch today. I wil be leading the Misery Ridge hike at Smith Rock. If any parents want to pick up a pumpkin to donate to our class that too would be appreciated.

Reminders: Picture day is coming up.

Don't forget to upload to your child's portfolio.

FYI: Parent/Teacher conferences are scheduled to occur at the end of this month. I will be setting up a sign up genius to schedule with you all, so be on the lookout for that in the near future.

September 27, 2019

This week we finished up our unit on community helpers. The kids did a great job identifying important people in the community. Next week we will switch our focus to the life cycle of a pumpkin in preparation for the pumpkin patch field trip on Friday Oct. 4th. During the month of October we will be focusing on pumpkins, apples, how leaves change, and the changing of the seasons. We will also continue working on shapes, patterns, numbers 1-10, and directional awareness.

Most of the About Me posters have been shared so if your child would like to bring in something to share each week they are more than welcome. Just remember it needs to be something they are learning about at home or something they proudly earned (like a trophy) etc. Please do not send in toys for share time.

I sent home envelopes for picture day this week. If I did not hand one directly to you please check your child's backpack.

Donations: I am looking for help collecting red, green, and yellow apples starting October 8th. If you are able to donate apples please let me know! I am also hoping to get a pumpkin donation for each class (3 pumpkins total). These will be used for STEAM activities.

I look forward to checking out all your portfolio's this week! Thank you everyone for being so great about getting your portfolio's update each week. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and if we really do get snow, keep warm!

September 19, 2019

What a great second week of school. The kids are already learning the routines and getting along so well. There have been a lot of tired kids at the end of each day, but I imagine their stamina will improve as the year progresses.

We did several activies this week involving community helpers, and will continue our community study next week but with more of a focus on family.

I am SUPER excited to announce that my class will be teaming up with Ms. Zoe's class once per month for big buddies. The kids will read books together and do small projects together. I think it is so great for the kindergartener's to have older kids as role models. Big buddie's will occur the last full week of each month at 12:30. This coming week will be our first meeting with Ms. Zoe's class.

Finally, a HUGE thank you to ALL of you for posting to your child's portfolio's. There were some hiccups, but we seemed to work through several of them. I had a chance to look through each child's portfolio. You will notice that I will comment each week on something. TOMORROW is the next day to update. Some of you sent updates today, which is great! I look forward to seeing everything your kids are doing at home.

I hope you all have a safe and wonderful weekend. See you next week!

September 12, 2019

Tomorrow is the day you should be uploading to your child(ren)s portfolio file. I have shared these with each of you. If you are having trouble accessing their file please let me know ASAP, as this is what we will use for the entire school year. If you do not upload to your child's file, you will get a friendly reminder from me to do so. This is a requirement of homeschooling so please make sure you upload each week!

The information I posted previously on accessing the Epic website is only free during school hours. If you try to log on after school hours they ask you to pay for a subscription. Also I guess the class page I tried to create does not show up, so just choose your child's animae pic from the main page and go from there. The kindergartener's all have 2 log in pictures because initially they were not added to Epic, so I manually added them and the school did as well. Just choose one log in photo and use that for the year. I will try and see how to delete the additional profile as soon as possible.

Next week we will begin our community helper's unit of study. This is a great time to visit a fire station, police station, library, etc.... Also if any of you want to come in and talk about your job, we would welcome you as a guest teacher to inform us about what you do! If you would like to be a guest teacher please send me an email or text and we can make arrangements!

I want to extend a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who donated supplies to our classroom. Your support is SO appreciated. I am so excited about the school year! It was so fun catching a glimpse of your child's personality this week, and I look forward to getting to know them more and more as the year progresses!

I hope you all have a safe, fun , and relaxing weekend!


Ms. Chris

September 9, 2019

Hello! I am so excited for this week! I can't wait to start working with you and your kids. This week we will be doing Chicka Chicka Boom Boom focused activities as we learn the rules and procedures and get to know each other. Also, I realize that many of you did not start school officially last week. So this week everyone will need to upload their weekly summary and photo-documentation on Friday. I will be reviewing these and will send friendly reminders if I do not get your post. Make sure you are checking the website each week for updates and don't forget to label your child's belongings! See you all this week!

September 4, 2019

Hello everyone! You should have all recieved an invitation from me to access your childs portfolio file. This is the first week that you need to upload your summary and photo-documentation of learning. I created a file under your child's name labled "week 1" please upload this weeks files to that folder and then in the future you should be able to create folders under you child's name for each week of school (week 2, week 3, etc) to document evidence of learning . This NEEDS to be done weekly for accountability as mandated by the state of Oregon. If you have any questions about this please let me know. I am so excited for next week and hope you and your child(ren) are too!

Next week is the soft start week. You should have all recieved an email from the school with the schedule. The morning group will meet in their teachers room from 9-9:15 before moving on to other stations. The afternoon group will meet from 12-12:15 in their teachers room before moving on. This allows the kids to once again visit their classroom.

I have sent everyone an invitation to share you child's portfolio file, so that you can easily update it each week. Some of you have not been able to open it because you do not have a gmail account. I've changed the settings and you SHOULD be able to accesss it now. If not, please text or email me and let me know. I look forward to seeing you all soon!