Middle School News

We are planning lots of art projects this year! Here are some supplies that we need for the first half of the year. Any donations of these items or other art supplies would be greatly appreciated. Click on the "Donate Art Supplies" button to sign up for a particular item. Thanks!

Community Day News - Week of 11/11/2019

We had a great time this week learning about Mexico! We spent time learning about the history, geography, demographics and habitats of Mexico. For art, students had the opportunity to make Hojalatas (Aztec Suns) using tinfoil. We also studied the reason that Mexico is so seismically active. Teams of 2 students worked together to create earthquake resistant structures with tooth picks and marshmallows. The structures were tested on a bed of jello. Towards the end of the day students made and sampled a Mayan hot chocolate recipe that used honey and included interesting spices including chili powder. One student after tasting it said "American hot chocolate is better!" Student continue to add artifacts to their e-portfolios. Ask your student to see the latest version of their website!

Weekly News 10/28/2019

Just a reminder - THERE ARE NO COMMUNITY DAY CLASSES THIS WEEK (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday), as it is conference week for OFS. Today's virtual classes, tutoring sessions, and enrichments on Friday WILL still take place. If you haven't signed up for a conference yet, please do so right away!

Last Week Community Day Summary:

  • Geography - Peru was the focus of our geography studies and will conclude our South America unit!
  • Art - Students sculpted a Pucara Bull out of modeling clay. Next week they will be painting them. They are looking really great!
  • Science - We continued our weather unit last week. Students had to identify and draw 4 types of weather fronts: cold, warm, stationary and occluded.
  • Tech - Most students have created a Geography web page and inserted a Google Slide Presentation with information about themselves. Each week students are uploading work that they complete on Community Day. Ask your child for a preview of their very own website.
  • Engineering - Students worked in teams to build various structures using KEVA blocks. Each round hand a different challenge... the tallest structure, the widest structure, etc.
  • ELA - We reviewed previous Greek and Latin root words and previewed three new roots: Chron / Temp / Loc
  • Math - We reviewed math concepts with a lively game of Grudge Ball.