Handmade Crafts,

Fine Art Photography

& Virtual Administrative Services


Oregon Design Studios llc was created out of a love for creativity and a passion for helping small businesses. Over the years the business has grown from just offering graphic design services, to now selling homemade crafts, art, photographs and assisting local companies with Virtual Administrative needs. We're not about you having to buy the most expensive hosting platform, or signing up for a proprietary email service, and we aren't looking to hook you into a monthly contract. What we want here at Oregon Design Studios llc is to help you understand your companies' technology, help your business design and implement cost saving strategies within your office and be a partner you can rely on to help you find a way to make your business run more efficiently. We don't specifically design your websites, instead we can help you get set up with a website provider and navigate how to get going with templates, social media and more. By designing quick-start guides and step by step instructions, it keeps you in control of how your business is run, on your terms. Additionally, we can offer organizational help in your office and if you need we can also type and format documents.

As an artistic professional with many years of office and computer support, we've got the new and creative outlook you've been searching for.