Success demands a clear path to results. Working alongside or in place of existing management of a troubled or underperforming organization, Orbital's workout, turnaround and interim operational and financial management consulting expertise leads to sustained improvement in performance. Orbital has deep experience developing strategic restructuring plans that address challenges and opportunities that build upon the core strengths of an organization.

Orbital takes temporary responsibility for the client’s financial management including: GAAP compliant fund accounting, budgeting/forecasting/reporting, compliance, performance and cash management, lender relationships and audit management. This in turn affords Orbital a rich understanding of the client’s finances, allowing Orbital to provide the stakeholders with a clear understanding of the organization’s finances and insight to the root cause of the financial impediments. Orbital will then work with the organization to build an infrastructure that prevents the impediments reoccurrence.

Navigating the choppy waters of reoccurring covenant violations can divert management's attention from their core objectives and drain an organization's resources......

Orbital will find the root cause of operational and financial deficiencies and implement a framework to provide sustainable stability and efficiency.

Orbital works with clients/underwriters/investors to recapitalize the client’s balance sheet at the lowest available cost of capital. As well, Orbital assists clients understand and comply with lender covenants and accounting requirements of complex debt instruments such as leveraged new market tax credits.