What grades can compete in interscholastic athletics at Brady?

Students in 7th and 8th grade may compete in interscholastic


What sports are available to Brady students?

Girls may compete in cheerleading, volleyball, soccer, or cross

country during the fall; swimming or cheerleading AND baskeball

during the winter(may do 2); softball or track in the spring.

Boys may compete in football, soccer, or cross country in the

fall; basketball, swimming, or wrestling in the winter; baseball

or track in the spring.

Can a student choose more than one sport per season?

Girls can compete in two winter sports because the seasons do not

overlap. Thus a girl who is a cheerleader or swimmer can also play girls basketball.

For all other sports, a student can only play one sport per


Do any sports require cuts?

Because of gym/field space and actual playing time available, we

have traditionally cut in the sports of cheerleading, volleyball,

boys and girls basketball, softball, and baseball

What is the time committment for middle school sports?

Most middle school sports meet a minimum of four days a week

after school, while some meet as many as six days a week. It

depends on the sport and the season.

Do any sports require practice over the summer?

All Fall sports begin before school is in session.

Do any sports include Saturday events in their schedules?

Our league offers post-season tournaments in Volleyball, Cross Country,

Basketball, Wrestling and Track. Wrestling also traditionally has Saturday

events. It is possible that ANY sport may have Saturday

events, however.

Are spectators allowed to attend tryouts and practices?

No. Thank you for entrusting your children to our athletic program. All of our tryouts and

practices are closed-door.