School Bus Application

If you would like to purchase a bus pass for the please click the link below:

  • It is highly recommended that applications be submitted early. All applications are processed based on availability and space is limited.

OPUSD is proud to announce a new fee-based bus transportation service for students who live outside of the Oak Park area. This service will help reduce the number of vehicles on our roads while also assisting out-of-area families with their school transportation needs.


1. Please complete one bus application for EACH STUDENT separately. To successfully enroll, you must complete the initial payment for October within Parent Connect by clicking on the Parent Connect link after you click “SUBMIT” on the Google Form.

    • To pay: After logging in, click on your student, click on “Accounts”, click on the link “Online School Payments”, select your student from the drop-down menu, and select your bus route from the Item dropdown menu. Follow instructions to pay via PayPal.

2. After the initial payment, parents will need to log into their Parent Connect account to pay the monthly fee of $290 for each subsequent month. The fee of $290.00 is subject to change depending on the number of students who sign up. NOTE: Payments must be received 5 school days before the start of the new month. *Please add reminders in your calendars.

3. Be sure to read the bus rules located on the main OPUSD transportation website to familiarize yourself with bus pick-up and drop-off locations and procedures.

**Please note that due to the nature of transportation, the District will NOT be able to offer refunds or prorated plans.


  1. APPLY EARLY: Submit your application as early as possible. Applications will be processed on a first-come first-served basis, and space is limited.
  2. START DATE: The first day of transportation service will be October 1, 2018.
  3. STUDENT BUS ID CARDS: OPUSD will deliver bus ID cards and deliver them to school sites for student pick-up as follows:
    1. OPHS – Students pick up from Student Store
    2. MCMS – Students pick up from Student Window
    3. Elementary Schools – Students receive directly from their classroom teacher
  4. BUS MARKINGS: OPUSD will identify each bus by the city to which the bus drives. During the first two weeks, Campus Supervisors will be outside of each school to help students with any questions. Parents and students should review the Pick-up and Drop-off routes on our transportation website.
  5. BE PROMPT: Arrive at least ten minutes early to your bus stop. Buses cannot wait for late students. We may have to slightly change bus morning pick-up times based on the number of riders and where the riders are coming from.
  6. ELEMENTARY EARLY RELEASE DAYS: Buses will still have the same departure time every day of the week based on the REGULAR, full-day bell schedule, even though elementary students have early release days (Wednesdays for Brookside and Red Oak; Fridays for Oak Hills). As such, elementary parents must make alternate pick-up arrangements on those days (e.g., arranging to pick up your child on early release days or using the District's extended care program that day until the regular day bell release time).
  7. Students in grades 1-3 who get out earlier than other students must meet their school's Campus Supervisors at the following locations:
    1. Brookside - Students must meet/play in the primary grades playground.
    2. Oak Hills - Students will meet a campus supervisor at the flagpole.
    3. Red Oak - Students must meet/play in the Kindergarten yard area.
  8. SAFESTOP: All buses are equipped with the SafeStop ( tracking feature.
  9. Please bookmark our transportation WEBSITE Please make sure you are familiar with the bus pick-up and drop off locations and other details on our website.
  10. QUESTIONS: Please be sure to visit the FAQ section on our transportation website. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Stewart McGugan, at

Thank you,

Stewart McGugan

Director of Student Support and School Safety