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My name is Zaloa Goiri Virto, and I am a Chemistry teacher. In 2007, I graduated from the University of the Basque Country (Northern Spain), majoring in Chemical Science. Upon graduation, I worked as an environment and engineering consultant.

In 2008, I studied at Alicante’s University to receive the CAP (Teacher Training Program). During my study, a professor of Didactics of Science and one of my mentors introduced me to the world of education, and I am truly thankful for their guidance. During my teacher training at Alicante, I learned about the Visiting Teachers Program in the United States, and through it, I had the opportunity to teach in California.

Throughout the last seven years, I have come to learn more about the American culture and have tried to bridge my European educational perspective with the American way of teaching.

I am a very open-minded and dynamic person who hardly ever says ‘no’ to any positive experience or opportunity that comes into my life. I love outdoor sports, especially running and hiking. I travel as much as I can and I love enriching my soul doing cultural activities and tasting delicious food.

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