Diversity & Equity Task Force

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Equity Is...

A non-negotiable collective pursuit of a system and environment that is accessible to all students and adults. Equity requires:

  • Active engagement in identifying and meeting the intrinsic and extrinsic needs of all individuals,

  • Building meaningful relationships that provide support and ensure success, access to opportunity, and school connectedness, and

  • Continuously seeking out and addressing inequities throughout the learning community.

Our Mission...

Through a shared responsibility for the health and well-being of the students and families we serve, we wish to create a community in which all members feel valued, included, and connected. This work is intended to support the school district’s goal of educating compassionate and creative global citizens by honoring the diversity of our community and enhancing a learning environment that promotes equity in both curricular and co-curricular programs.

Task Force Members

District Representation

Holly Baxter, Chair, Coordinator for Safety & Equity, hbaxter@opusd.org

Dr. Tony Knight, Superintendent, tknight@opusd.org

Dr. Jay Greenlinger, Director, Curriculum and Instruction, jgreenlinger@opusd.org

Sara Ahl, Director of Extended Care, sahl@opusd.org

Brad Benioff, Principal, MCMS, bbenioff@opusd.org

Derek Ross, Board Member, dross@opusd.org

Tina Wang, Board Member, twang@opusd.org

Counselor Representation

Jenny Charrett, Stephanie Perez, Alana Schulman

Teacher Representation

Anna Mendez, Francisco Henning, Susan Allen, Amy Kobayashi, Vanessa Heller, Michelle Cass

Parent Representation

Dr. Tracey Burrell, PhD, Audley Harrison, M.B.E., MUniv, BSc, Seema Sharma

Student Representation

Amaan Nabeel, Zoë Thompson

Task Force Committees

We currently have over 60 OPUSD stakeholders, including students, staff, and parents, who joining us for focused committee work. Email the committee representative or any member of the district task force representation if you would like to get involved.

Curriculum, led by Dr. Jay Greenlinger, jgreenlinger@opusd.org

Policy and Personnel, led by Stew McGugan, smcgugan@opusd.org

LGBTQ+, led by Holly Baxter, hbaxter@opusd.org

Ableism and Disabilities, led by Alana Schulman, aschulman@opusd.org

Student Culture and Celebrations, led by Vanessa Heller, vheller@opusd.org, Michelle Cass, mcass@opusd.org & Amy Kobayashi, akobayashi@opusd.org

Racial Healing, Justice and Protection, led by Susan Allen, sallen@opusd.org

Holly Baxter, OPUSD Coordinator, Safety & Equity:

I am honored to serve our school and greater community in the capacity of Coordinator of Safety and Equity, and as the Chair of the Diversity and Equity Task Force. In these roles, it one of my top goals to facilitate conversations and experiences that identify the needs of our community and make changes that support the collective equity of all.

I hope to act as an ally and resource for any student, staff, or family members who may be experiencing inequity in their experiences with OPUSD. Please reach out anytime if you require support, need assistance, or would like to offer suggestions for how to improve OPUSD schools. You can reach out anonymously on our Feedback/Suggestions survey or email me directly at hbaxter@opusd.org.

Together we can achieve great things!

Holly Baxter