MAGNAtech 3468

West Monroe High School Robotics

MAGNAtech 3468

The West Monroe High School Robotics Team was first established in 2010, and ever since then, MAGNAtech has been committed to encouraging teamwork and creativity through the FIRST Robotics program and STEM-based learning. Each year, the team focuses on building a fully-functioning robot based on an outline provided through FIRST Robotics in order to compete in a state-wide competition against other teams. Throughout the past ten years, MAGNAtech has grown from a small club to an established part of West Monroe High School. Everybody has a place in our team, which not only harbors those interested in mechanics, but also those who wish to build a basic understanding of team management.

FIRST Robotics is a non-profit organization focused on inspiring young students to pursue innovation and success through the STEM program, promoting leadership skills, and fostering a culture that celebrates children of the next generation in their dream to become science and technology leaders.

Meet our team!

The Build Team

The build team is a determined set of students that are dedicated to building a robot that will go above and beyond the expectation of the judges; a robot that not only looks great, but works flawlessly with the intended game for that year. The students that join the 3468 family develop skills that will benefit them in whatever career path they decide to take after high school, whether it be STEM-related or not. No matter what time in the season it is, the 3468 family always finds a way to accomplish their tasks and have fun while doing it.

The Programming Team

Our programming team is a set of intellectual individuals who's main purpose is programming the robot to perform the tasks required. This teams works with a range of different mechanical and technological skills, from the cameras that allow the driver of the robot to see what the robot "sees," to learning basic programming skills of software such as Java. Not only are these skills are essential for modern day computer science, but they can be beneficial to more technologically-based tasks required in any number of career paths. Our team is tight-knit and is open for people regardless of there computer experience.

The Marketing Team

The marketing team is in charge of managing the technical aspects of the club itself. While not always directly involved with the construction of the robot, the marketing team handles many of the creative aspects of the team, focusing on promoting our team to the community. Members can help design team t-shirts and buttons to enforce the image of the team; conversely, others help organize events such as fundraisers, take charge of the team's schedule, budget, and handle the sponsorships our team receives.