Op Squiz Prizes

Walkaround Gloves

Upgrade your walkaround stylez with these fish-themed torch gloves. Now you can point to all the dodgy bits on your airplane and light them up for everyone to see!

Own some Scotland

.. and become a Lady or a Lord. No promises that this will get you a Scottish passport (actually, it definitely won't), but you will be able to say you are a landowner! What will you do with your 1 square foot of Scotland?

Tiny cockpit brushes

Join the ranks of the fastidious cockpit-cleaning Captains with this outstanding brush set. Enjoy terrifying the FO with the level of detail in your kit!


NZ Peanut Butter

Coffee, Peanut Butter, and Maple Syrup all in one jar. Possibly New Zealand's best ever export. We'll send you one. Maybe two.

ATC comms confuser

You have failed me for the last time, JFK Ground. Next time you need to deal with a stroppy controller, strap on this voice-changing helmet and bring some joy to the frequency! There'll be a "number for you to call" in minutes ...

Mystery box

We'll do the thinking (and the sending), and you'll get some kind of something fun, decided on by the OpsGroup team. What exactly? It's a mystery!



For this prize you have a choice: one free month of OPSGROUP membership for you, or three free months for a friend! If you ❤️ being a member, this might be a nice way to share it!

Bright Socks

Flight decks are dull. These socks are not. Tap those rudder pedals in style!

Oh, you're a dispatcher? Perfect to brighten up your feet as you rest them on your ops desk at 2am and provide some 'patch cheer!

Dave's new album

Dave has released a new album, and you're going to get a copy! Oh, you didn't know Dave made music? Check this out.

More to come

For sure, this is a random selection of prizes. If you're not into any of them, then allow us to curate a mystery prize for you! We'll keep adding to this page.


This page is for winners! Choose your prize, and if you got all the squiz questions right, you can choose one of the extra-special squizchamp ones. Just choose the one you want and email us.

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