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Hello Students and Families!

Because of the severity of the Covid situation, a lot of parent concern, and new requirements around outdoor masking and meals, we are continuing with our "Safe, Smart, In-Person" plan until further notice.

Under our Safe and Smart In-Person plan, we are going to have students in-person four days a week, and online on Wednesdays. Students will be in the building for their first four classes beginning at 9:10am, then they will be dismissed at 12:40 and given lunch to take home, and go online for their last two classes of the day. We believe this is the safest way to re-open and we feel confident that easing back into things will benefit our students.

We are working on arranging bus transportation with the districts who provide school bus access, and all other districts provide Trimet passes only. Open School can provide Trimet access to any students, even those who may be eligible for a school bus.. We will work with families if there is a transportation or wifi access issue that would disrupt access to virtual class.

We are tremendously grateful for your partnership and want to be as responsive to your needs as possible and provide clear communication. Please use this site as a way to access key forms and communications sent home. In addition, please feel free to reach out to your advocate for more information as the year unfolds!

In La'Kech,

The OSE Team

Please reach out if you have any questions around COVID-19 and vaccines available to your student(s) and family. Vaccines are now approved for children ages 5-11 as well as 12-18 and adults.


  • All staff and students must be masked at all times (students will receive two cloth masks to keep)

  • Water bottle fill stations are available, water fountains will be closed

  • Sneeze guards in classrooms

  • All classes capped at 12 students

  • Symptoms screening upon entry

  • Outdoor masking required

  • Six-foot distancing when possible, no less then three feet at all times

  • On-site Health Coordinator and testing available

  • Safe and Smart partial day plan for six weeks, then a decision to be made depending on public health factors and required restrictions

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