Orchard Publishing

Print and digital book design, makeup and conve

Orchard Publishing is a publishing consultancy based in Cape Town, South Africa who partners with both international and local publishers to produce print and digital books. We bring 20+ years of industry experience in creating books using industry standard technology to provide clients with various choices for distribution.

Our services

  • Design for both print and digital publications
  • Typesetting and page layout
  • Conversion of existing books to digital formats (epub, mobi, html and css)
  • Custom workflow development
  • Vendor management for large or ongoing conversion projects
  • HTML and CSS coding and development for publishing
  • Database publishing for catalogues
  • Interactive pdfs


We have worked on diverse projects over the last 20+ years for many local and international publishers who have produced books for both Africa and internationally. While we work with authors, small and large corporates, projects have come in many different formats, all with challenges and opportunities to produce interesting and amazing books.

  • Multi-language titles with a single colour change
  • “Simple” readers – no words (except a title page and imprint)
  • Gardening reference works of over 500 pages and 5 000 images
  • Long form academic text books for universities and colleges
  • Catalogues and database driven publications
  • Single source publishing from html files (output to pdf and epub) using open source technologies
  • Self-help and self publishing titles for authors
  • … and everything in between!


  • We are English first language speakers
  • Access to expert diverse and professional publishing skills
  • Cape Town is the Silicon Valley of Africa with access to diverse and cutting edge technologies and innovation
  • We love publishing challenges
  • Rand exchange rates offers extremely competitive rates
  • Time zones within 0-2 hours for Europe, and 6-9 hours for USA


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