Huzzah! Our Digital Breakouts

February, 2017

The following digital breakouts were designed by grade 6 & 7 students who blog at Huzzah! Creating these breakouts required critical & strategic thinking, multi-step problem solving, digital design, collaboration, and communication skills. Oh, and a lot of hard work! Following each of breakouts below, students ask you for feedback to help them improve their work. Please be specific and encouraging.

Can you persevere, solve the puzzles, and break the locks? Here is a downloadable sheet to track your game play. Good luck!

If you have never done a digital breakout before...clues are hidden in the story itself, in links in the text, or in "hotspot" links hidden in images. Designers try to be sneaky, so search carefully!

Need a hint, have question, or a correction? Contact Jan Smith

Division 12 Breakouts

Banner Image: from Pixabay released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0