Enrichment Opportunities

We are sad that we will not be able to see all of you until at least April 1st, but while you are gone, each of you had an enrichment packet sent home to work on. We also have some great online and offline activities for your to use to enrich your education.

Elementary School Useful Links

  • IXL --- Used for Language Arts and Math (Connected to Nebraska Standards)

  • XtraMath --- Used for Math facts practice. Great for all ages!

  • Prodigy --- Math games. Very engaging!

  • ABC Mouse --- ELA, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Art

  • Switch Zoo --- Learn and play games all about animals.

  • Nat Geo Kids --- All things science. A great resource for students that love animals and the wild.

  • Into the Book --- Practice Reading Strategies

  • Seussville --- Read and play games connected to Dr. Seuss!

  • PBS Kids --- Online learning connected to many different subjects.

  • Storyline Online --- Read books online with your favorite movie stars!

  • Highlights Kids --- Activities and games in all different subjects.

  • Khan Academy --- Expert-created content and resources for every course and level. COMPLETELY FREE!!!!

  • Smithsonian Online --- Learn from the best museum around! Covers topics in ELA, science, social studies, math, and more!!!!

  • Sesame Street Toolkit --- Learn with all your favorite Sesame Street Characters!

  • Code.org --- Free coding website. It’s a great way to create!

  • Go Noodle --- Need to get moving? Do you have the wiggles? Go Noodle can get the whole family moving!

  • Koo Koo Kangaroo --- Another set of videos to get you moving! It will also get you giggling too! These guys are funny and will make you laugh while working out!

  • Spelling City --- Activities for Spelling and Vocabulary. Students 1-6 have accounts.

  • Scholastic Learn at Home --- Fun, enriching activities brought to you by one of the best publishers around!

  • Stress Management Apps --- These times are stressful. These are some helpful apps for those needing assistance during this time. We are all stressed and it's OK to look for some reprieve!

  • World Book Online --- Access to thousands of titles, covering a multitude of disciplines. Completely FREE!!!!

  • STEM Activities

    • There are two Facebook pages that have shared some activities to work on. I have also linked their Facebook pages to this, as well. The “posters” that give examples of STEM activities to do from home are below this on the next two pages.

    • DailySTEM Facebook Page

    • Vivify STEM Facebook Page

STEM 1.pdf
STEM 2.pdf

Jr- Sr High School

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Prior to closing school on Tuesday, March 17th, students were provided access or instructions about how to gain online access to the Learning Enrichment Opportunities materials for 10 school days. Most of the 7-12 teachers use online learning programs such as Canvas, Google Classroom, Google Folders and Etc. to communicate Learning Enrichment Opportunities to students.

Many teachers have also shared information about these Learning Enrichment Opportunities to this site, as well. The below teacher links allow you to access individual teacher pages where they have shared information for all to see. This information may include documents, links, outlines, lesson plans and etc.

Again, most all of this information has already been shared with students prior to the start of school being closed AND teachers will continue to communicate with students using the programs and ways listed above.

SOMETHING COOL: If you are interested in taking some virtual tours/virtual field trips, check out these links:

Community Resources for Families

Resources List for Oneill english and spanish
pantry flyer english.pdf
pantry flyer spanish.pdf