Export Switch Request

Automated Export Booking Switch Service

We are very excited to roll out a new feature to our internal/external customers on switching containers between export bookings. Currently an email is sent to na.eqcstreetturn@one-line.com to switch or “swap” containers between export bookings because the Street Turn function on the Service Provider Portal (SPP) currently only handles switches between an import to an export booking. Due to the manual process and frequency of the requests it can take hours before the request is completed. As of July 13th, we can now process these requests automatically with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology. The link below will be listed on the North America ONE website and returnlocation.com. The bot will be live from 7:30AM EST to 8:00PM PST. It will check the requests submitted through the form every 30 minutes and will perform the switch within minutes. When completed it will send the requester an email that the switch was successfully completed. If any issues the bot will send an email to the requester and ONE street turn team to assist.