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Our Literacy Vision: Every student graduates from the School District of Omro a literate citizen.

What EXACTLY does being literate mean?

Being literate is much more than just knowing how to read and write! Literacy is having the ability to read, write, view, design, interpret, speak, and listen, so that we can communicate effectively in the world around us. Being literate can help students be successful in ALL subject areas!

This page is a resource for parents and community stakeholders in helping us fulfill our vision for literacy. This is a work-in-progress; we will be adding to this page as we discover new resources.

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E= Elementary M= Middle School H= High School

(E) Reading Rockets Parents Page--This site includes reading tips for parents, information on children's books and authors, tips on helping your struggling reader, a link to online episodes of the "Launching Young Readers" video series--a PBS series that explores the different stages of reading, and so much more.

(E) Start With a Book--This site offers a ton of engaging ideas for getting kids hooked on reading, exploring and learning all summer long--and beyond.

(E) PBS Parents--This site offers expert advice, games, videos, mobile app downloads, PBS Parent Picks, and the new PBS Parents Child Development Tracker.

(E) Dolly Parton's Imagination Library--Children birth through age 5 in the City of Omro are eligible to receive one free book in the mail each month. Parents can register on the website or through the Omro Area Community Center by mail or in person. Follow this link to register:

(E,M) Parents--This site offers expert tips and strategies, The Learning Toolkit, tips on building the best home library, and so much more! A neat feature is the "Age-by-Age QuickFind" that allows parents to put in their child's age and get topics and content tailored right to that age group.

(E,M,H) Read Write Think Parents Page--This site offers activities & projects, games & tools, tips & how to's, printouts and podcasts designed to aid parents of students in Kindergarten through 12th grade.

(M,H) All About Adolescent Literacy--This site includes searchable articles on numerous topics for supporting and encouraging readers/writers in grades 4-12.

(E, M) Spelling and Reading Home Practice Suggestions--This document includes a list of apps, websites, other games, and suggestions on how to help at home.

(E) NEWSELA--This website offers current event resources in several reading levels.

(E, M) Tween Tribune--Sponsored by the Smithsonian, this website offers high interest articles on various topics in several reading levels.

(E) Storyline Online--This website streams videos featuring celebrated actors reading children’s books alongside creatively produced illustrations. Now also available in an app.


(E,M,H) Click HERE for a link to a list of literacy apps sorted by topic.

(E,M,H) Click HERE for a list of kid-friendly iPad apps.

(E,M,H) Click HERE for even more apps and games.


(E) "Launching Young Readers" Series--This video series offers many simple strategies to assist parents in building a good literacy foundation. It includes "Becoming Aware of Print", "The Alphabetic Principle", "Developing Fluency", and "Bringing Up Baby".

(E,M,H) "Why We Should All Be Reading Aloud to Children"--Why should we keep reading aloud to kids even when they can already "read on their own?" This TEDx talk demonstrates the magic of read aloud and reminds us all why reading aloud is so essential- at school and at home. This talk is for parents and teachers who want to teach comprehension and connect with kids in powerful ways.

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