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Ashley DeBolt on Carolyn Nevins

Season 2 Episode 3:

-We got an inside peak into one of UNO's biggest ghost cases and all the inside information!

-What is a Sensitive or Empath?

-Carolyn Nevins case

-History behind the case

-Experiences on at UNO

-Suspects in the case

Barry Webster on Rezsquatching (part 2)

Season 2 Episode 2:

-Second time Barry has been on and he has some exciting updates since last year! Tune in to hear all about them!

-What is the easiest way to tell a Bigfoot is around?

-Bigfoot as a protector of medicine

-Other Bigfoot hunters and ways to bring about a Bigfoot

-Evidence found

Steve Snodgrass on Quantum Entanglement

Season 2 Episode 1:

-We had Steve back on to talk about Alien Communication and how that can be related to the phenomenon of Spooky Action!

-Plato's 3 elements of a soul

-Words, Tone, and Non-verbal Communication

-Crop Circles

-Roger Penrose

About SAD

SAD TV promotes educational programs by taking a critical point of view on paranormal, religious, philosophical, and scientific subjects. Everyone on the show has an "Open Mind" when discussing the subjects as well a vast background in different fields. It is incredible to have a group of people from so many different backgrounds come together and build a show with the goal of learning!

Show Updates:

Our New Season 2 is on the Air(August 1st), Each episode repeats every week on:

Tuesday, 7:00pm

Thursday, 8:00am

Saturday, 3:30pm

**Cox channel 22 Century Link 89!**

-We are working on getting Season 2 recorded and uploaded. As we do that this site will slowly become more and more complete. The most recent episode will be displayed on this Home Page. For past episodes click this link!

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Omaha UFO Study Group / NE MUFON

-This group has its roots in the paranormal studies, please check out the Omaha UFO Study group if you have any further interest! We discuss and have discussed just about every idea in the book, but we always seem to find something new to look at and debate about!

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